Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle
Composition Ruler Bundle

Composition Ruler Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

  • 3-inch Composition Ruler
  • 5-inch Composition Ruler
  • Lettering Composition Handbook


by Nico Ng

  • ACCURATE: Sketch your well-balanced composition layout accurately. Designed with guides to help align all layout elements.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Draw simple to complex composition shapes easily with the Composition Ruler.
  • UNIQUE: Various shape choices allows you to customize your unique lettering artwork. Every shape you’ll need is here!

Create beautiful lettering composition without breaking a sweat. This tool is designed to help you easily draw and combine shapes for your lettering layout.

Watch the instructional video HERE!


by Nico Ng

I wrote this book to share with you my lettering process and my tips for creating balanced lettering compositions that I have learned over the years. I included some exercises for you to apply the techniques on planning and sketching your lettering compositions.

* 5.75" x 8.5"
* 52-pages
Includes tips & 11 exercises


  • Lettering Composition Study
  • Analyzing the Quote
  • Dividing & Arranging the Quote
  • Assigning Shapes for the Layout
  • Choosing the Right Lettering Style
  • Decorations & Letter Effects
  • Composition Ruler Exercises 


For more details about the Composition Ruler, check out this website:

Instagram: @nic_the_ 
Facebook: NicoNgDesigns  
Youtube: NICTHE


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